Live In-Play Betting

Sports betting is gaining popularity in a matter of hours. The gaming community is involved in it in real time, and they especially love in-play betting format bets.

Live time betting - what is it?

Live bets are bets placed after an event's start and before it ends. A very common type of betting is on football, cricket, and horse racing. Players are more and more frequently choosing to bet in real-time because it has several advantages.

Main advantages of live betting at 24betting

Real-time betting has a number of undeniable advantages, due to which players are increasingly choosing this particular format of sports betting. First of all, you have an opportunity to evaluate what is happening in the game, apply your intuition and experience, and only then understand what bets you want to make. 

As practice shows, inclusion in the game and personal assessment do much more than research and statistics.

Secondly, in your bets, you can be extremely flexible and change your mind on the go, analyzing what is happening during a match. Here you can hit a bigger jackpot if you are not afraid to take risks and are ready to trust your luck. 

If the team you have chosen loses, the betting coefficient for that team automatically becomes higher. And you have a chance to take risks, believe in the team, and, if you win, raise a much larger amount of money.

In-play betting strategies

Of course, real-time betting strategies are not a universal guarantee of winning. In order to predict the outcome of a sporting event as accurately as possible, you must have remarkable intuition, logical thinking, and mental flexibility. 

Among fans of live betting, the strategy for betting against draws is especially popular.

The essence of this strategy is to ensure the main bet. To begin with, you need to choose an outcome in which a bookmaker assumes a high probability of a draw. Next - wait for the start of the event. As soon as the match has started, you need to wait for one of the teams to score and place a bet on a draw. 

Usually, after one of the teams scores a goal, a bookmaker puts up a very significant coefficient for a draw, between 3.85 and 4.50; it all depends on the interval in which the first goal is scored.

The strategy will be effective only if a player first analyzes the match and assesses the probability of a goalless draw. You can not use the strategy randomly; you will only lose your money in such cases.

What sports are available for live betting at 24betting?

The live betting format is constantly evolving and expanding. Now on the 24betting website you can make the following sports bets in real-time:

  • cricket
  • football

These are the two most popular, and someone might even say iconic sports formats. In the near foreseeable future, this number, of course, will expand.


I want to bet while I play, but TV broadcasts are not always available to me. How to cope with this issue?

For the convenience of its users, 24betting sportsbook has organized online broadcasts of matches in the application. It means you can simultaneously watch the outcome of events and place your bets.

How can I withdraw my money if I win?

Of course, 24betting sportsbook is a trusted and honest company, so you don't have to worry about your money. The site has several options for withdrawing money. Choose the most convenient for you.

What is the difference between live betting and pre-match betting?

Live bets are placed after the start of a sports game and stop being accepted a few minutes before it ends. On the pre-match, you can start placing bets a few weeks before the start of the game, as soon as the sporting event appears on the betting portal.